Joliet Police Department Warn Motorists About Leaving Vehicles Unattended

With the frigid temperatures outside, motorists may be tempted to leave their vehicle running to keep it warm or to defrost it. Whether it is left idling outside your home or at the store while running errands, this can be an invitation for thieves to target your vehicle.
Recently, the Joliet Police Department has experienced a sudden increase in the number of motor vehicle thefts reported. These thefts have occurred primarily due to unattended vehicles being left running with the keys in the ignition.
The Joliet Police Department would like to remind its residents that it is not only unsafe, but also illegal under Illinois law, to leave your vehicle running unattended. Joliet police officers remain vigilant in targeting offenders in hopes of deterring future motor vehicle thefts.
Please help the Joliet Police Department to ensure a safe and happy holiday season by locking your vehicles at all times and removing the keys when unattended.
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