Beginning the weekend before Halloween 2011 and continuing through 2012, the Joliet Police Department will initiate a new project. This project, to be known as B.E.S.S.T., will target five areas the Police Department believes are important elements in reducing traffic-related issues and tragedies - seatbelts, education, speed, stop sign, and texting.
According to Joliet Police Department Mike Trafton, “Traffic enforcement is the number one complaint received from our residents. So far this year, there have been nine traffic fatalities in Joliet and numerous serious personal injury crashes related to traffic violations.” Chief Trafton further stated, “This education and enforcement project is being implemented to ensure the safety of our motoring public.”
These initiatives will include separate campaigns that will focus on B.E.S.S.T. traffic practices to educate and ensure our motorists’ safety. They are:
  • “Click It or Ticket” campaign to educate and enforce seatbelt and safety seat compliance.
  • “Put It Down” campaign for cell phone use and distracted driving.
  • “Obey the Sign or Pay the Fine” campaign which will focus on speeding and stop sign enforcement.
In addition to these campaigns, the Police Department will conduct DUI enforcements weekly; curfew details; details during various high school events; and specific details based on community input received at meetings and through complaints.
Public education will be a main component of the B.E.S.S.T. traffic practices project through the distribution of literature to the public during traffic stops and through driver education classes. Businesses will also be asked to display safety message on their marquees and distribute literature to help educate the public.
All data received during these education and enforcement campaigns will be analyzed by police personnel to aid in setting up additional details.