Neighborhood-Oriented Policing Team

The Joliet Police Department began a community policing/problem solving initiative in 1991 with a federal grant to fund a special problem solving Unit known as Neighborhood Oriented Policing Teams (NOPT). Currently the NOPT Unit consisted of one sergeant and twelve officers of which eleven of the patrol officers are assigned to seven target neighborhoods throughout the city and one as The Crime Prevention Officer. The NOPT Unit’s special focus is to proactively engage the residents of that neighborhood community with the objective of identifying neighborhood crime and disorder problems. The officers received on going training in how to analyze the factors of victim(s), offender(s), and location surrounding each problem in order to pinpoint its underlying causes. Officers are encouraged to tailor a response to the problems which would include both traditional and more non-traditional, creative strategies to those problems. These problem solving action plans often include input and involvement of those residents affected by the problems and the use of other resources within the government and community.

Officers have often used a variety of innovative techniques when addressing the unique community issues. Some examples of activities that have been conducted over the past year include:

• Entering into trespass agreements with property owners;
• Identifying drug related and prostitution areas for targeted enforcement;
• Utilizing crime prevention through environmental design principals;
• Assisting cooperative landlords with evictions and providing training to landlords;
• Abating problem locations utilizing the city’s Nuisance Abatement Program;
• Analyze crime statistics and organize special details to address the increase in criminal activity.
• Participate in community group/ Neighborhood Watch meetings and provide feedback during meetings.